Integral Management Training Centre is a Qatari Management Consulting and Training firm specializing in the design and implementation of management systems and a provider of training and development services for public and private organizations, companies, and individuals in the State of Qatar. IMTC’s services are in Training, Learning and Knowledge Development, Consulting, Studies, and Research and Development (R&D). We also are a provider of industry-specific management systems such as Business Continuity Planning, Risk assessment, Disaster Recovery, Emergency Preparedness, 

At Integral Management Training Centre, we take pride in the benchmarks we set, the diverse range of services we offer and our ability to successfully undertake and manage projects with varying degrees of complexity and content. This is backed by our own high-level of expertise, guaranteeing the highest form of service to all our clients.

IMTC provides training and learning services in the fields of Executive Management, Construction & Engineering, Environmental & Sustainability, Health & Safety, Soft Skills Training Programs and as well as other technical and technology professions. IMTC’s Development Practice is undertaking activities that lead to:  

    1. Building Organizational and human capacities in management

    2. Developing professional, scientific, and technical (PST) skills and expertise

    3.Promoting education and Training in engineering, technology and innovation

    4.Providing training, learning, knowledge and education services to increase labor market supply of skilled Qatari workforce.

It is a daily objective of IMTC to cooperate with international partners in pursuing training, learning, knowledge and education activities that respond to the national objectives in economic and social development of the State Qatar. 

Developing economically and socially responsive activities is a commitment that IMTC makes to the business and professional communities of the State of Qatar.