Integral Management Training Centre has made a name in providing services that is unmatched and fully committed to Total Customer Satisfaction. We listen to what the customer wants and we improve on it. Most of our clients are “best-in-class”, a testament to the kind of service that our company is constantly providing.  

To achieve maximum applicability of our services, we have mapped-out various approaches to suit client’s requirements. This way we can come in with the best methodology, tailored-fit to the client’s resources. With this is mind IMTC continually re-engineer its services and now have launched our new Consultation Services. This is tailor made for the small to medium companies that found Management Systems were always out of their reached due to financial constraints, well not anymore. We can come in at any stage of an organization’s preparation, to infuse specific training, seminars, gap assessments, workshops, and/or audits. We offer technical and management development programs customized for any organization.

Our main asset is our “no-frills-everything-on-it” Total Training & Development Package. It is a Fixed Cost, Internationally Certified Services. We stay hand-in-hand with our clients up until they achieve their desired goals, irrespective of time frame. The benefits an organization can reap through this option are immense & nearly 75% of our clients go for this option. Clients have no fear of running out of man-days and we do not charge for any additional costs. This package can also be tailor made for the purse strings of companies with a No-frills PAY-LITE scheme, same cost over anything from 8 to 24 months without ANY interest.

Finally, we have a long-term Consultation Package aimed at providing clients with a constant visit from our consultant and/or trainer. It is like having your own technical expert without the burden of hiring additional personnel. So many clients now take this Consultation option especially for our Business Continuity Management, Training and Business Development Services.

It is the sublime aim of Integral Management Training Centre to help uplift the nation’s economy and contribute to the progress of the State of Qatar. We fortify this aim by offering a Reduced Cost for Public Government Units.