Integral Management Training Centre synergizes with technical and business partners from the private and public sector and where necessary create Joint Venture Agreements with suitably qualified partners to ensure every business opportunity is effectively and efficiently utilized.  

In order to ensure the quality of our services are managed and duplicated throughout the business, we continuously plan, identify and document all our business processes, whilst ensuring necessary written procedures, management systems, together with training and awareness programmes are provided and reviewed at the right time.   

In addition, as part of our document control procedure to ensure the confidentiality of our client’s information, all confidential and vital official documents and records are established on our document control register and access to such information is strictly controlled and monitored. 

We measure and analyze our performance regularly with a view to continuous improvement.

For contingency purposes, all relevant information is stored in a separate backup system to prevent disruption of our business.  

As part of our long-term strategy to a successful and sustainable business, which would add value to the lives of our stakeholders wherever we operate, IMTC work with local and international institutions on HSE-Technical related research and local skills enhancement programmes spanning all our key market sectors.