We offer combined training & management development services, these dynamic twin services has been designed and developed by IMTC specially for those that have a limited budget, cannot afford to hire a consultant or employ additional staff to provide the desired Management Systems needed to develop the company or individual further.

In our programs, we have introduced the normal standards such as ISO 9001/14000 but now have a newly designed approach for devising organizations’ Policies/ Procedures and Manuals along with a well trained staff for implementation. Few consulting firms are competent to provide such services, here at IMTC we have and want to share this with you, at a cost that’s affordable.

Within the training workshops fully loaded documentation, including procedures flowcharts, work instructions and forms, all this including the training workshops provided are within your cost. Imagine you not only trained but walk away with all the templates required, you then have the capability to train all your own organization through our Combined Training & Development Programs.

By the end of the program period your representative will be highly qualified Management Representative with a wealth of knowledge.